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The Band of the Hawke

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Welcome the the Band of the Hawke

The Guild's purpose is to bring people together, and to help people with whatever they need in the game

Upcoming Events

I would like to get a photo of the whole guild, but I'm not sure when to do it, e-mail me with some suggestions.

I would also like everyone to send a screenshot of themselves so that I can post it on the members page. Thanks.

This site is to provide information about the guild.
Visit the other pages to find out more about us!

You can visit our formus to talk to us or request help for something at:

The Band of the Hawke Forums

Visit our members page to see the current members and Pictures of them.

Members Page

Want to Become a member? Check out our Becoming a member page!

Becoming a Member

Want to see some of the things we have done? Check out our screenshots page!


Show your guild appreciation and buy a tabard from the guild master in any city!

The Tabard

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The Band of the Hawke
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